2016-2017 Budget

BudgetFiscal Year 2017 Budget Preparation

Budget Forums:

April 12 at 11:00 AM- Senior Citizen Center

April 12 at 8:00 PM- Congregation Ohav Emeth forum

April 13 at 7:00 PM- PTO at High School Cafeteria

Document Downloads:

1. Superintendent's Preliminary Budget Presentation (click)

2. Special education costs history (click)

3. Proposed New Personnel- Presented March 14, 2016 (click)

4. Administration organization and salary history (click

5. 2016-2017 Final User Friendly Budget (click)

6. Superintendent's Final Budget Presentation (click)

Questions and Answers:

Q. It looks like Page One of User Friendly Budget gives the wrong number of “out of district” special education placements. Can you clarify?

A. The enrollments listed on this page represent a snapshot of the enrollments on October 15th of each year. At that time, there were 28 students total placed out of district. The budget had called for 33, but evidently some of those students were no longer placed out of district, for various reasons. Since October 15th, a net total of twelve students have been placed out of district, to bring us to a current total of 40 students. The numbers are not wrong, but they represent enrollment totals from one single day in the school year. It is likely that at that time, some placements were still being considered and determined. These figures cannot be changed, as they are hard-coded in the software by the State DOE.

Q. On page 5 of the User Friendly Budget there is a dramatic increase in athletics and supplemental/at risk programs. Please let us know what those are about.

A. Athletics increased for the following reasons: We added coaching stipends for the following new sports: Winter Track (reinstated), Middle School Cross Country (pending negotiations), Middle School Flag Football (pending negotiations; replacing standard football), and Girls Volleyball (pending negotiations). In addition, the stipend for the weight room supervisor was reinstated. Stipends were budgeted at an estimated percentage increase. Payments for game referees, officials, etc. were increased based upon the regulated rates established by the NJSIAA. Sporting supplies and uniforms were needed for the new sports, as well as replacement items for some old and worn out uniforms and supplies. Supplemental/At Risk teachers serve our lowest performing students. In order to address the identified needs, we added 1.5 Basic Skills Teachers at Bartle School and an Interventionist at the Middle School.

Q. Can you explain surplus, how the budget surplus is managed, and the legislation governing its use?

A. The legislation governing school finances allows schools to retain 2% of the previous year’s total spending in “Unallocated Surplus”, to provide for unforeseen events. Any funds remaining above that amount may be held in Reserve for a specific purpose (e.g., Capital Reserve, Emergency Reserve, Reserve for Encumbrances, etc.). If there are funds still remaining after those reservations are made, when the school year is completed, those funds become “Excess Surplus”. These funds are set aside for the purpose of being allocated to the subsequent year’s budget for tax relief – this is called “Budgeted Fund Balance” on the financial reports. Funds remaining at 6/30/15 have been applied to the 2016/2017 school year budget. In addition, during the budget preparation process we evaluate our current year spending and the collection of any unanticipated revenues. We then make projections regarding any expected remaining funds that we think we will have at the end of the current year, as a result of these cost savings and additional revenues. We are permitted to allocate these funds to the next year’s budget “early”, as “Budgeted Fund Balance”; we don’t have to wait until it becomes Excess Surplus at the end of the school year (which would then go into the 2017/2018 budget). Before the end of every school year, the Board decides if it has any additional funds that it expects to be remaining, after accounting for money earmarked for the next year’s budget already, and may deposit a specified amount into one or more of the Reserve accounts listed above.

March 14, 2016 Board Meeting Preliminary Budget Presentation Video