One-to-One Chromebook Initiative

All middle and high schools students receive a Chromebook they will be able to use for the duration of their time in the school district. This program is commonly referred to as a "one-to-one" initiative. 

Teachers use Chromebooks as a learning tool and encourage students to use them in class, and take them home to do homework. The purpose of the Highland Park one-to-one initiative is to enhance the learning of our students by giving them the 21st Century skills needed to be competitive in the local and global world. We’re also striving to promote equitable opportunities for all of our students to use important technology that will increase student engagement, empower students to build 21st Century skills and competencies, and support the personalized and differentiated instruction our district’s strategic plan aims to foster (click here for more information about this strategic planning goal).

The one-to-one Chromebook initiative has led to changes in board policies regarding student use of technology and kids’ use of their own devices in school. Below are the list of these policies (click the title): 

1. Student use of Privately Owned Technology (2363)

2. School District Provided Technology Devices To Pupils (7523)

Below are helpful resources to download about the initiative:

1. Voluntary Chromebook Device Insurance Agreement (click); click for Chinese-translated document; click for Spanish-translated document

2. Personal Computing Device Usage Policy and Additional Guidelines for Student Responsibility (click); click for Chinese-translated document; click for Spanish-translated document

3. Frequently Asked Questions (click)

4. Chromebook Quickstart Guide (click)

5. Chromebook Repair Process for School Personnel (click)

6. Chromebook Repair Process for Students (click)

7. Remote Learning Chromebook Repair Process for Students (click)

8. Accessing Google Apps Offline Instructions (click)